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At Code Rentals, we prioritize your needs, offering top-grade machinery tailored for your projects. Our dedication lies in ensuring seamless service and fostering lasting relationships with our clients. Experience the difference with us.

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Equipment Rentals


Transporting with Trust.

Trailers are the unsung heroes of logistics, reliably carrying equipment, goods, and other cargo across distances. Their stability and capacity are pivotal for many operations.

Our selection of trailers is a testament to our commitment to quality. Each piece is carefully chosen for its durability and performance, ensuring our clients get the best in terms of transportation solutions.

Equipment We Offer:

Track Loaders / Skid-Steers

Agile loaders for tight spaces.

skid steers rentals

Skid-steers are renowned for their agility and adaptability across various tasks. These compact loaders can navigate tight spots, making them invaluable on constrained sites.

Our skid-steers are not just machines; they’re a showcase of our expertise in understanding the versatile needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing equipment that excels in both form and function.

Equipment We Offer:


For Skid-Steers and excavators.

Attachments are the game-changers in the machinery world, enabling a single machine to perform multiple tasks with ease.

Our array of attachments speaks to our holistic approach to machinery. We’re not just about the main equipment; we emphasize enhancing their capabilities with high-quality additions, underscoring our passion for comprehensive solutions.

Equipment We Offer:


Heavy-duty diggers for efficient excavation.

Excavators are at the heart of many construction projects. Their versatility and power can greatly influence the efficiency of a task.

At Code Rentals, our excavators are a reflection of our deep industry knowledge. Chosen for their superior design and reliability, they stand as a benchmark of our dedication to offering only the best.

Equipment We Offer:

Equipment Rentals

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